Business hotel
in the center of Belgorod
Our cozy rooms

In 1961, on the main pedestrian street of Belgorod а dwelling house was built. More than half a century ago famous citizens — architects and doctors, teachers and engineers, looked at the Boulevard out of its windows.

When we first got to the attic, we found an unusual resident there. Talkative starling Vincent had settled down under the wooden roof beams. He told us many wonderful stories about distant lands - he always was dreaming about travelling.

We could not find a better place for our hotel. We tore down all the walls, came up with a new layout, painted walls in the noble colors, added carpets, brought handmade lamps, hung pictures on the walls, set some books on the shelves of a small library , covered tables with the tablecloths in the breakfast lounge. And in 2013 dwelling house became the Vincent Hotel. The 26 modern rooms still have their old cozy charm and gain new unique elegance.

And what about the starling? His dream finally came true and he went explore the world. Who knows, maybe he will be back one day, but a bird on our logo will always remind us of the hotel's first «resident».

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