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in the center of Belgorod
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13.11.2013 Wonderful hotel and competent helpful staff! Thank you very much. + Great design! grateful guest Grateful guestRead more >>10.11.2013 Very pleased with the hotel and service. The disadvantage is the absence of a restaurant. Regards, Group Leningrad (Drummer)Read more >>01.11.2013 From a grateful guest EI Yaroshko. Very nice place. We really enjoyed stay in your hotel. The staff is very responsive and attentive. I will recommend your hotel everyone! And will come back itself . Thank you very much! Yaroshko EIRead more >>29.10.2013 From guest Abdurahmanov US living room 213. The quality of the hotel is wonderful. Thanks big! Asking reward for the staff! Sincerely, Abdurakhmanov U.SRead more >>26.10.2013 During stay at the hotel, we were very pleased. Attitude of the staff is very pleasant, the atmosphere is wonderful, rooms are great, the feeling of complete satisfaction and investment in a room of the soul. We wish you further prosperity and only the best. If we come to Belgorod, for sure we stay only here. And all our friends we will tell about you - a wonderful hotel in the city center. Belarus, were delighted !!!Read more >>23.10.2013 Being the first time in Belgorod, was pleasantly surprised to settle in your hotel, which corresponds to the level of European standards. Thank you for your high-class service at reception, in the cafe and in the room. Thank you for the comfort that helps a business trip to be away from home. All the staff smiling, respectful, courteous, the room clean and comfortable. The cafe is beautiful, delicious, hospitable. The hotel is in the style in everything, even in the softener.It have not been sufficiently advertised in Belgorod especially in Moscow, for my own part, I will tell about you all Muscovites, who are going to visit your friendly town. All the best, Valery Suvorov, a member of the Writers' Union of RussiaRead more >>21.10.2013 Thank you very much! It's not often you will see work of well-organized staff! All in their places. The food is good. We will recommend your hotel everyone. Rector of the Academy Temnikov VN Rector of the Academy Temnikov VNRead more >>20.10.2013 From honeymooners Krasilnikovs family. Thank you for a magical wedding night in your guest house! Krasilnikovs familyRead more >>10.10.2013 I really want to to thank the hotel staff for attentiveness, complacency and positive emotions. Everything just a very nice and cool!!! P.S. We will come back!!!!! Vadim Makashev and Roman MashiroRead more >>18.09.2013 THANK YOU! Second time visiting, it's very cool! Tanya thanks for design. The cook thanks for the breakfast. Thanks for the smell of soap ... P.S. Be sure I will come again! Uncle VictorRead more >>
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